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Hertfordshire and Middlesex Rugby Merit Tables

The Hertfordshire/Middlesex Merit Tables were created in 2002 to provide all those rugby sides from the Hertfordshire, Middlesex and adjacent County Unions, which were not playing in the Rugby Football Union National Leagues or other merit tables, an opportunity to play in a competitive structured competition.  The clubs are generally located in an area within 20 miles of the triangle formed by the A1/M1/A505.  
The teams participating are normally the 2nd, 3rd and 4th XVs of clubs, although several smaller clubs have entered their 1st XVs such that in 2017-18 we will have seven 1st XVs across the tables. The Merit Tables are also used as a starting point for newly formed clubs to demonstrate their playing and administrative abilities before being accepted into the RFU League Structure. In 2017-18, the tables have grown to accommodate 67 sides, a far cry from the 12 sides that took the plunge in 2002. 

This season we have consolidated our teams into seven tables, so that each table consists of nine or ten sides, who will play each other twice. At the lower end of the Competition, we have regionalised the teams to keep travelling down to a minimum, this gives us Table 6 North/East and 6 South/West. We are also pleased to welcome Bedford Athletic and Luton 2nd XVs for the first time and trust they will enjoy playing the many clubs with whom they have lost touch since the regionalisation of fixtures when leagues were intruduced. Welcome back.   


2017 Hertfordshire/Middlesex Merit Table Knock-Out Competition

22nd APRIL 2017

Berkhamsted dressed for the occasion 2017 

Berkhamsted receiving their trophy in fine fashion! 

The Merit Table Knock-Out Finals were held at Fullerians and Harrow Rugby Clubs this season, where on a bright dry day sixteen competitive matches were played.  Both Hertfordshire and Middlesex RFUs sent along their stars to present the awards both for the Merit table winners and to the winning finalists in the Knock -Out Competitions. We were delighted to welcome David Roberts, the Hertfordshire RFU Council Representative at Fullerians, while Brian East, the Middlesex Immediate Past President paid us another return visit at Harrow. Foggy and Bryony, with our new recruit to the Merit Table Organisation, Brian De Honri, were officiating at Watford and I was pleased to have the support of our other recruit Bob Moore at Harrow. The team of Foggy, Bob and Brian will be gradually taking over the running of the Tables during 2017-18, while I will put my feet up after 16 seasons of setting up and organising what has become a major segment of rugby in the two Counties and to several clubs just over the borders.

We appreciate the support that we receive from all the local referee societies, from the many volunteers at all our participating clubs and especially the many hundreds of players that turn out on Saturday afternoons to enjoy a game of rugby and everything that entails. There are more players participating in the Merit Table matches each Saturday than in the RFU League structures, so we want you all to be proud to be able to say "I play rugby in the H/M Merit Tables.

 Reaching high 2017

 A moment in the Hitchin 3rd versus Datchworth 3rd match

                 They are ready hooker - 2017     

Enfield Ignatians waiting for the throw        

 Thrown and caught 2017


 Thanks Brian from everyone at Weston RFC - 2017

Weston all smiles with their trophy 

 Fleshy in the front row 2017

Finsbury Park and Berkhamsted tussle in the front row - keep your shirts on!

Fullerians 2nd in formal mode - 2017

Fullerians 2nd XV win the Table 1 Plate Final

In the backrow, but where is the flankers hand going. 2017

Scrummaging for possession by Barnet Elizabethans and Old Grammarians

Release, everyones watching 2017

Chesham 3rd and Pinner and Grammarians 2nd looking for the release.


In 2018 the fourteen finals are planned to be played on 28th April at the grounds of Saracens Amateurs RFC and Letchworth RFC. The progress of every side can be followed on the website and we will be making the draw early this year, with all the details listed on the KO pages for each of the tables.



Fred McCarthy 

Founder and Organiser

Hertfordshire RFU


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