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Hertfordshire/Middlesex Merit Table 8 S/W

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Merit Table 8 S&W - Season 2016-17
     Amersham & C. 4th - Moved to Table 7 S/W       
     Berkhamsted 2nd       
     Chesham 4th - Withdrawn      
     Tring 4th       
     Verulamians 3rd       
Round 1   September 17th   Round 2   October 8th  
Vacant v Berkhamsted 2nd No game Verulamians 3rd v Berkhamsted 2nd   5 - 22
Amersham & C. 4th v Verulamians 3rd 80 - 0 Tring 4th v Vacant  No game
Tring 4th v Vacant Not Played Vacant v Amersham & C. 4th  No game
Round  3   October 29th   Round 4   November 19th  
Vacant v Verulamians 3rd No game Tring 4th v Berkhamsted 2nd Not played
Berkhamsted 2nd v Vacant No game Vacant v Verulamians 3rd  No game
Amersham & C. 4th v Tring 4th 25 - 0 Amersham & C. 4th v Vacant  No game
Round 5   December 10th   Round 6   January 14th  
Verulamians 3rd v Tring 4th Postponed Vacant v Tring 4th No game 
No game v Berkhamsted 2nd No game Berkhamsted 2nd v Verulamians 3rd  
Round 7    February 19th   Round 8   March 4th  
Tring 4th v No game   Vacant v No game  
Vacant v Berkhamsted 2nd   Verulamians 3rd v Vacant  
Verulamians 3rd v Vacant   Berkhamsted 2nd v Tring 4th  
Round 9   March 25th   Round 10   April 1st  
Berkhamsted 2nd v No game  RV Now 18th March Berkhamsted 2nd v Vacant  
Tring 4th v Verulamians 3rd   Verulamians 3rd v No game  
        Vacant v Tring 4th  
 RV = Venues have been reversed 


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